Comer bien

It is possible to eat well every day

From the most traditional to the healthiest breakfasts. From a Spanish omelette tapa to the most balanced or energetic sandwiches. From a red tea to 100% Arabica ecological coffee. From a quinoa salad, to your favourite grilled fish. Diverse, customisable, healthy and balanced, and in addition, to take away however and whenever you want. And whatever you need for your company events

Presentado con detalle

Presented with care

The tableware, the glasses, the presentation of the dishes… all designed to make your experience more pleasant and special, raising the level of daily breakfast and lunch.

Lista detalles

  • Hospitals

    We offer a meticulous meal service to hospital patients, placing special attention on flavour, food safety, presentation of the dishes and the attention given by our personnel. Our intention is to make hospital stays as pleasant as possible. We are also present in cafeterias and restaurants of large hospitals

  • Companies

    Deliquo offers a catering service for companies with a show kitchen where we strive to feed people healthily and provide variety and different cooking styles to make the user’s choice as varied and rapid as possible. And every day is different!

  • Retail & Events

    Deliquo is as an extension of companies, with our events and catering services for team meetings, corporate presentations, team building… We have a Chef service that offers Gastronomic Coaching with a high degree of satisfaction.

Puzzle repetible

Coffee & Bakery of the Hospital del Henares

How to isolate yourself and relax in a hospital environment? We have transferred the BAKERY COFFEE concept to hospital cafeterias, because we understand that there is no other place where rest and disconnection is more important

Guests in the customer’s house

When the company invites us to serve food in their house, we adapt to their requirements of space, user profile and corporate image

Events & Retail

See our event menu to discover that we have everything you could need: From simple breakfasts to the tastiest and best-presented dishes for your catering. Customised.