Proyecto Campo Naciones - Cabecera

Deliquo Campo de las Naciones premises, more than 700 m2

A concept developed for more than 500 menus a day and intensive use of the breakfast bar

Proyecto Campo Naciones - Presentación

All the collective catering offer in the same space

In the premises located in the Campo de las Naciones business park, we offer breakfast and lunch services for companies such as Maxam, Amex, Europcar and Armani.

Proyecto Campo Naciones - Bloque Puzzle

Our comprehensive proposal for Deliquo Campo

The Cafeteria, with an extensive number of products on offer, changes according to the time of day and season. Gastronomic diversity is divided into spaces: A Grab & Go and Free Flow space with a service based on Show Cooking, where guests can move freely to see and choose. There is also a Market Area, offering a personalised choice of types of pasta, grilled meat, fish and poultry.

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