Proyecto Loreal - Cabecera

A project for dinning areas in L'OREAL

Two areas in one: Atlantic dining room and Mediterranean dining room

Proyecto Loreal - Dos columnas

A proposal based on a clean design and multi-purpose spaces

Deliquo made a design proposal for the company canteen areas in L'Oreal. Where in addition to taking into account the design of the space and the natural colour of the wood and comfort of the furniture, we work in an environment where we can offer the user a wider-ranging gastronomic choice, with show cooking grill options, more check-outs to reduce queues and waiting times. In addition, we wanted to design the dining room space as a multi-purpose area that would encourage interaction between its users

Proyecto Loreal - Puzzle

A clean design and optimised spaces

Space laid out for maximum efficiency: ENTRANCE area with plasma TV/trays, 1st AND 2nd COURSE area, HEALTHY/WOK/PASTA/GRILL area and DRINKS/DESSERT area. Additionally, a CAFETERIA and MULTI-PURPOSE area

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